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Saturday 7 September, 9.15am. The sun is shining, lighting up the room and tables with a warm glow. We are ready to meet our group.

Everyone has settled in after a behind the scenes tour of The Shac (Southern Highlands Artisans Collective) by the bubbly Brooke Munro. Whilst drinking our lattes with lots of giggles we have already completed our morning creativity warm-up.

Lunchtime arrives, and our group is so engrossed in their projects that some bring their lunch back to the bench and continue creating.

After combining our tips and tricks with their own unique style and taste, each person came away from the day with a new skillset and an artkit to continue their creative adventure. Thank you to the participants that came and joined us for our first ever workshop. It was great spending the day with you.

A shout out to the girls next door at Urban Food Tribe – they cooked up a plentiful storm of amazing treats for the day.

If you haven’t heard of The Shac, this building was once the Old Potato Shed at Robertson. It is now home of gallery, shop and training spaces and also the working studios of many talented artisans and artists from across the Southern Highlands. It stands right next to the Big Potato. Look forward to seeing you there next time.

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