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Do you walk so fast that you don’t remember any of the details along the way? It is so easy to focus on getting somewhere without enjoying the journey.

This week Booth&co walked the East Rim track at Fitzroy Falls. Winter is often too cold to walk in the mountains but we were very comfortable equipped with a warm jacket on a sunny day.

This track is around 8km return and somewhat undulating, so sturdy boots and a walking stick are a good idea, and the rangers are more than happy to provide maps and chat with you about tracks which are suitable for your needs.

For those who are not able to do a track, there are lovely areas around the visitors centre with picnic tables and boardwalks which are easily accessible and provide beautiful views of rushing water, local flora and fauna.

We were surprised by how many native plants flower during the winter.

So many colours, reds and oranges, brilliant mossy greens and the sun dappled yellows leaves.

One highlight was watching and listening to a lyrebird while it danced and sang in the undergrowth. We would have missed it if we had been making noise. Sorry for the grainy image but you can just make out the plumage amongst the ferns.

We are all about capturing our journeys on paper at Booth&co.

If you are interested in spending a day with us in the studio, check out our workshop page @

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